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Mozilla patches critical, high-risk Firefox vulnerabilities


"Mozilla has shipped Firefox 3.5.6 with patches for at least 11
documented security vulnerabilities."

It is recommended that you update your Firefox to the latest version to
fix these issues.

It should be noted, updating to 3.5.6 on my machine broke my Profile.
It could be related to an add-on that I have and may not affect you or
your users. To fix, I created a new profile from scratch.

VMSA-2009-0017 VMware vCenter, ESX patch and vCenter Lab Manager releases address cross-site scripting issues


"1. Summary

VMware vCenter and ESX update releases address cross-site scripting
issues in the Help functionality of WebAccess. A vCenter Lab Manager
release addresses the same issues which are present in the online
Help functionality of Lab Manager and Stage Manager.

2. Relevant releases

7 Most hacked software of 2009


Forbes compiled a list of the seven Most-Hacked software titles for 2009.  They took a survey of security professionals from various companies including Verisign, TippingPoint, iDefense and Qualys.  Based on this survey, Forbes found that the following were the most hacked software titles from 2009.

Gnome Screensaver authentication bypass vulnerability (Ubuntu, maybe others)


This reminds me of the days of Windows 95/3.1 where you could bypass the
screensaver just by hitting the right sequence of keys.

This vulnerability specifically targets Ubuntu, but may be applicable to
other installations of v2.28 as well.

Testing the exploit under Fedora 11 and 12 does not duplicate the issue.

It is recommended for Ubuntu users to update their machines to the
latest version of gnome-screensaver to avoid this issue.