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Study: Facebook users willingly give out data


CNET reported on a recent study by Sophos about the web habits of Facebook users.  Their study found that 41-46% of users blindly accepted friend requests from two unknown people.  Sophos was then able to access "up to 89 percent of the users' full dates of birth, all of their e-mail addresses, where they went to school, and more."

Vulnerabilities in the Java Runtime Environment May Allow Privileges to be Escalated


"Multiple buffer and integer overflow vulnerabilities in the Java
Runtime Environment with processing audio and image files may allow an
untrusted applet or Java Web Start application to escalate privileges.
For example, an untrusted applet may grant itself permissions to read
and write local files or execute local applications that are accessible
to the user running the untrusted applet."

Privacy Changes for Facebook


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote an open letter describing some changes to the privacy of Facebook accounts (linked from above article).  It appears that regional networks are going to disappear, which may end up disclosing more information than you had intended.  He suggests that all Facebook users review their account privacy settings and update them accordingly.


BlackBerry Attachment Service PDF Distiller Multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities


"BlackBerry Attachment Service is prone to multiple remote
code-execution vulnerabilities when handling specially crafted PDF files.

Attackers can leverage these issues to corrupt memory and execute
arbitrary code in the context of the vulnerable service, possibly with
SYSTEM-level privileges. Successful exploits will compromise the server.
Failed attacks will likely result in denial-of-service conditions. "

Linux Kernel 'net/mac80211/' Multiple Remote Denial of Service Vulnerabilities


"The Linux Kernel is prone to multiple remote denial-of-service

An attacker can exploit these issues to cause a kernel panic, denying
service to legitimate users."

It should be noted that this affects the mac80211 code in the kernel
which deals specifically with the 802.11 wireless lan standard.

ldd arbitrary code execution


Seasoned Unix admins may already know the pitfalls of blindly running
ldd on unknown executables. However, since this article was recently
released, I thought it might be good as a reminder to everyone to be
careful when using it.

This article shows some techniques on how to cause ldd to run arbitrary
code, and how easy it is to trick a sysadmin into executing that code as

VMware vCenter and ESX update release and vMA patch release address multiple security issue in third party components


"1. Summary

Updated Java JRE packages and Tomcat packages address several security
issues. Updates for the ESX Service Console and vMA include kernel,
ntp, Python, bind libxml, libxml2, curl and gnutil packages. ntp is
also updated for ESXi userworlds.