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Google closes vulnerability in Chrome 3


"Google released Chrome v3.0.195.24 to address a vulnerability that
could potentially be exploited by attackers to execute arbitrary
code. A user would need to visit a maliciously crafted page for the
vulnerability to be exploited. Chrome should automatically update to
the new version."

Thawte no longer offering Free Personal E-mail Certificates and is closing the Web of Trust


It appears that Thawte is closing down the Free Personal E-mail
Certificate program it has been offering over the years due to budgetary

Any certificates offered under the Thawte program will expire on 16
November 2009. Current users will be offered a free, 1 year
subscription for a Verisign certificate. The current price is $19.95/year.

TCP State Manipulation Denial of Service Vulnerabilities in Multiple Cisco Products


Related to CVE-2008-4609 (SA1180), Cisco has reported on which versions
of their Software is vulnerable to this TCP State Manipulation DoS.

This vulnerability could lead to resource exhaustion on Cisco products,
requiring them to be rebooted in order to continue service. These
products are affected.

Microsoft Windows & Nortel TCP/IP TimeStamps Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


"Microsoft Windows TCP/IP protocol implementation is prone to a remote
code-execution vulnerability.

An attacker can exploit this issue to execute arbitrary code with
SYSTEM-level privileges. Successful attacks will completely compromise
affected computers."

An exploit has been successfully implemented in a commercial application.