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Security Awareness on Social Media


Lance Spitzner from SANS is writing about Security Awareness on Social Media this month.  This blog entry specifically reviews privacy and social media, two polar opposites in today's world of online media.  It also reviews how to spot potential scams and finally, why to keep work and your personal life separate when posting online.

This is a great read to start off CyberSecurity Awareness Month.

Canadian Privacy Commissioner Unveils New Tools to Help Young Internet Users Protect Their Privacy


I think that the materials that the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is promoting are great.  Everyone should follow the advice they present to teach their families about online privacy.  Here are the links to three great tools they have launched on their www.youthprivacy.ca website.

APPLE-SA-2011-04-18-1 iTunes 10.2.2 for Windows


"iTunes 10.2.2


Available for: Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2 or later

Impact: A man-in-the-middle attack may lead to an unexpected
application termination or arbitrary code execution

Description: Multiple memory corruption issues exist in WebKit. A
man-in-the-middle attack while browsing the iTunes Store via iTunes may
lead to an unexpected application termination or arbitrary code execution.