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Important sudo security update for RHEL


"An updated sudo package that fixes two security issues is now available for
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

This update has been rated as having important security impact by the Red
Hat Security Response Team.

The sudo (superuser do) utility allows system administrators to give
certain users the ability to run commands as root.

PHP 5.2.13 released fixing 3 security bugs


* Improved LCG entropy. (Rasmus, Samy Kamkar)
* Fixed safe_mode validation inside tempnam() when the directory path
does not end with a /). (Martin Jansen)
* Fixed a possible open_basedir/safe_mode bypass in the session
extension identified by Grzegorz Stachowiak. (Ilia)

For users of the 5.2 branch of PHP, it is recommended to update to
5.2.13. This version also includes 43 other, non-security related bug

Pidgin Multiple Denial of Service Vulnerabilities


"Pidgin is prone to multiple denial-of-service vulnerabilities.

Successful exploits will crash the application or make it unresponsive,
denying service to legitimate users.

Pidgin 2.6.6 and prior versions are affected."

It is recommended that users upgrade to the latest version of Pidgin
when it becomes available. Patches have been released.


Adobe Acrobat and Reader CVE-2010-0188 Unspecified Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


Adobe Reader products version 9.3 and below are vulnerable to a remote
code execution exploit. This affects Windows, Mac and *nix.

Adobe has released v9.3.1 to fix this issue. It is recommended that
users update their version of Adobe Reader to mitigate the risk.


Google Chrome prior to Multiple Security Vulnerabilities


"Google Chrome is prone to multiple vulnerabilities:

- multiple remote code-execution issues
- multiple information-disclosure issues
- a code-execution issue
- a cross-origin information-disclosure issue

Attackers can exploit these issues to obtain sensitive information,
execute arbitrary code in the context of the browser, and carry out
other attacks.

Versions prior to Chrome are vulnerable."