Chrome 11 update patches critical holes

Two Critical, one High and one Low security bugs were fixed in the
latest stable release of the Chrome Web Browser.

"The Stable channel has been updated to 11.0.696.71 for the Macintosh,
Windows, Linux and Chrome Frame platforms"

"Low CVE-2011-1801: Pop-up blocker bypass. Credit to Chamal De Silva.
High CVE-2011-1804: Stale pointer in floats rendering. Credit to Martin
Critical CVE-2011-1806: Memory corruption in GPU command buffer. Credit
to Google Chrome Security Team (Cris Neckar).
Critical CVE-2011-1807: Out-of-bounds write in blob handling. Credit to
Google Chrome Security Team (Inferno) and Kostya Serebryany of the
Chromium development community."

It is recommended that Chrome 11.x users update to the latest version.