Google Chrome 8.0.552.215 Released

This update fixes 13 security vulnerabilities in addition to a number of
other bug fixes.

- [59554] (High) Use after free in history handling.
- [62127] (High) Crash due to bad indexing with malformed video.
- [62401] (High) Use after free with SVG animations.
- [63444] (High) Double free in XPath handling.
- [55745] (Medium) Cross-origin video theft with canvas.
- [59817] (Medium) Make sure the "dangerous file types" list is
up to date with the Windows platforms (Linux/Mac).
- [61653] (Medium) Out-of-bounds read regression in WebM video support.
- [62168] (Medium) Possible browser memory corruption via malicious
privileged extension.
- [63051] (Medium) Use after free in mouse dragging event handling.
- [17655] (Low) Possible pop-up blocker bypass.
- [56237] (Low) Browser crash with HTML5 databases.
- [58319] (Low) Prevent excessive file dialogs, possibly leading to
browser crash.
- [61701] (Low) Browser crash with HTTP proxy authentication .

It is recommended that Google Chrome users update to the latest patch