Internet Explorer 8 Desktop Security Guide

In April, 2009, Microsoft released a Desktop Security Guide for Internet Explorer 8.

This guide goes over many security settings and best practices when using Internet Explorer 8.  It's top recommendations include:

  1. Enable SmartScreen® Filter , (page 37)
  2. Enable Prevent Bypassing SmartScreen Filter Warnings (page 37)
  3. Do not allow users to add or delete sites from Security Zones (page 24)
  4. Do not allow users to change policies for Security Zones (page 24)
  5. Do not allow user to turn off Protected Mode (page 27)
  6. Enable Prevent Ignoring Certificate Errors (page 26)
  7. Set Form Autocomplete options to Disabled (page 34) 
This paper examines ways to increase security by modifying settings grouped into six main categories:
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Privacy Controls
  • Other Security Settings
  • Security Zones
  • Safety Settings
  • SmartScreen Filter

If you are using or planning on deploying IE8, this paper will be a good read.