Mac OS X v10.6.7 File Quarantine updates

Apple added a definition to Mac OS X's File Quarantine for the
OSX.MacDefender.A malware.

They also added an auto-update feature for File Quarantine to check
daily for updates.

Lastly, they added the ability for File Quarantine to remove
OSX.MacDefender.A malware from the machine.

"For Mac OS X v10.6.7 and Mac OS X Server v10.6.7
The download file is named: SecUpd2011-003Snow.dmg
Its SHA-1 digest is: 07843c32a8b367fbe4318bdf22dd98013a91cd51"

It is recommended that Mac OS X users update their version of File
Quarantine to the latest version. This is especially true due to the
nature of this malware, and the future malware to come.