MS08-067 netapi32.dll Critical security update released out of Cycle from Microsoft

It appears that a vulnerability in netapi32.dll was released out of the
normal security update cycle from Microsoft. This vulnerability allows
for remote code execution.

Apparently it affects all supported version of Windows that have been
configured in one of two ways:

1) Firewall is disabled
2) Firewall is enabled but file/printer sharing is also enabled.

Here is a link to the bulletin and a review (which has more information).

It is recommended that all Windows systems be patched as soon as
possible. A workaround for some systems is to turn off file/print sharing.

Severity 2: This vulerability poses high risk to an entire group/school,
possibly including resources available to another group/school.

Priority 2: This vulnerability has not yet been exploited at the
Institute, however, exploitation may be imminent.