Computer Security Seminar: 10-11am, October 16 and 23, 2009

Join us for a seminar on Computer Security on either Friday, October 16 or 23, 2009 from 10-11am.  The 16th will be held in the West Lecture Hall, the 23rd in the Simonyi Lecture Hall.

I will be going over our Information Security infrastructure here at the Institute and how it affects you.  Also, we will cover some best practices for safe computing at the Institute, in the apartments and outside of the Institute.  The best way to protect yourself and your work is to learn about safe computing.


  • What is Information Security? (Including the 3 tenets of Security: Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality)
  • IAS Security Structure (How we protect you)
  • Security Awareness
  • Strategies to safer computing
  • Policies to protect you.
  • Question and Answer

If there is a specific topic you would like me to cover during the seminar, or for any questions or comments, please email Brian Epstein <>.