Study of BlackBerry Proof-of-Concept Malicious Applications

This paper is an interesting read from S Mobile Systems on Blackberry malicious applications.  Blackberry admins and users should be aware of potentially dangerous third party applications.  A good read.

"January 6, 2010

SMobile’s Global Threat Center (GTC) has released a research study on proof of concept malicious applications for BlackBerry platform. This research exposes the weakened security posture of BlackBerry device that operate under the BlackBerry Internet Service environment. The proof of concept applications discussed in this research are developed to examine the response of BlackBerry inbuilt security framework. Through this research, SMobile concludes that there are certain instances of attacks that may be successful in bypassing the security framework of BlackBerry and poses a significant threat to privacy and confidentiality of the user. This research paper can be downloaded here:"