Thawte no longer offering Free Personal E-mail Certificates and is closing the Web of Trust

It appears that Thawte is closing down the Free Personal E-mail
Certificate program it has been offering over the years due to budgetary

Any certificates offered under the Thawte program will expire on 16
November 2009. Current users will be offered a free, 1 year
subscription for a Verisign certificate. The current price is $19.95/year.

If you have had your Thawte certificate signed, the notary must still
keep your information for 5 years. After which time they should destroy
or return it to you.

It is recommended that users who wish to continue using this type of
email signing sign up for their free Verisign cert when they receive
their email token from Thawte. Bear in mind, you will have to pay to
renew after a year of free service.

If you would like to continue with a free service, it is recommended
that users look into PGP/GnuPG.