Upcoming wireless changes this summer

Dear Faculty, Members, Visitors and Staff,

For your convenience, we have merged the functionality of the IAS-Scholar wireless network into the eduroam network.  If you haven't already configured your device to use eduroam, we recommend you take a look at the link below for instruction on how to configure it.  Accordingly, on August 7, the IAS-Scholar network will no longer be available.  This change will have no impact on the public IAS network.

Wireless User Guide: https://www.ias.edu/wireless-user-guide

In addition, to stay compatible with improvements introduced by electronic library resource vendors and publishers, we have re-engineered the library gateway system.  IAS provided systems have already been using the re-engineered system for many months, however during this time personal devices have been using the old gateway.  On August 7th, we will be shutting down the old gateway, and your personal devices, both wired and wireless, must be configured properly if you use them to access electronic library resources.  We recommend you look at our setup guide below for information on how to configure your personal devices.

WPAD Setup Guide: https://www.ias.edu/wpad-setup-guide

If you run into any issues, please contact your helpdesk for more information.

Brian Epstein

You can view a copy of this announcement on the IAS Security website here: https://security.ias.edu/upcoming-wireless-changes-summer

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