Personal Anti-Virus Protection

New Recommendations in 2020 to migrate to Microsoft Defender

Every year we re-evaluate anti-virus software to make sure we are giving the best recommendations to our community members.  In 2020, Computing came to the conclusion that Microsoft's built in Defender software has reached a level of excellence that competes well with Vipre Anti-virus.  For this reason, we recommend using Microsoft's product since it comes built in with every current version of Windows.  If you are running an older version of Windows that does not have access to Microsoft Defender, we recommend checking your computer's specs to see if you can update to the latest version of Windows.  If you can't upgrade, and can't update your computer to newer hardware, we will continue to offer Vipre Licenses.  This offer will eventually expire, though.

If you happen to run MalwareBytes, another software that we recommend running in parallel to Microsoft Defender, you may run into some issues.  This article from How To Geek explains how to handle these issues.

Vipre Anti-virus for computers that don't support Microsoft Defender

In an effort to help protect our Faculty, Members, Staff and their families at home, the Institute for Advanced Study is now offering free Anti-Virus licenses for personal computers running the Windows operating system.

If you have a personal computer and would like to take advantage of this program, you can do so by logging in below with your IAS user credentials.

This software only applies to personal computers running a version of the Windows operating system from Microsoft. If you have an IAS supplied computer, this or similar software has already been installed.

For SunbeltSoftware Product Technical Support, please call 800-688-8404 extension 500.

Questions or Comments, please email <>

Step 1: Obtain a License Key

Visit the link below for your key.  Make sure to save your key in a file.

You will need to save, print, or write down the key that is given to you.

Please log into this website from the machine you would like to install the software on using your ITG, SNS or Math login credentials:

Step 2: Download the Vipre program

Download the latest version of Vipre from their website:

Step 3: Run the Installer

Open the file you've just downloaded.  Follow the instructions on screen, and enter your license key when prompted.